While we have a team of very tallented and multiskilled individuals, our focus stays within
the Office 365 domain, using the Power Platform to extend and develop the ecosystem.


Migrating to or building a new CRM can be a challenging process. If done wrong, it can affect your business on the long run. We have the skills to help you achieve your goals.

We build using Power Apps. Whether you need a small bespoke CRM built out in Power Apps, or you're planning to purchase Dynamics modules for accelerated deployment, we can help you from the planning phase, to implementation, and early life support. Dynamics 365 is the best and most configurable CRM platform out there. It comes with pre-built modules for most industries and business scenarios. The Power Platform Group has a long standing reputation of working in complex enterprise environments using highly skilled developers and consultants who will ensure the success of your project. We ensure a full documented process on handover, or a flexible support contract after delivery, so things go smooth after 'go live' too.


Using Power Apps we can develop smart applications that look and feel modern with a running cost of only of a fraction of what you can find with other vendors. Book a demo today and we can show you real world scenarios.

Using Power Apps, we have built apps for all sorts of business needs. Whether is some enhancement to your existing CRM, a way to capture data for your new Programme, or a more bespoke App that combines AI and modern elements, we can showcase apps that satisfy even the most complex design or business requirements. If you think you have seen apps built with Power Apps before, we can assure you that we will blow your mind. Not only we have access to talented App Developers, but they also understand how business and business processes work. All our developers come from mixed backgrounds of both technical and business development, so a fine-tuned balance exists between getting it right from both technical and business usage perspective.


We can get you sorted with a modern go to place for your workforce to share information and store documents, or maybe a secure portal to share information with your customers and even sell your products

For most businesses out there, a couple of SharePoint sites with out of the box functionality and a few data policies will do just fine. Let's face it, not every business needs complex SPFx structures, custom SharePoint Sites, or any custom developed solutions. Most will do just fine with a properly configured out of the box solution. But there are lots of businesses with complex business models where software needs to be uniquely configured and custom developed. Either way, we can assess the situation and advise the most cost-effective solution for your specific scenario. And if you need a Portal to either securely share or sell to your unique clientele, Dynamics or Power Apps portals come with a lot of that built in. With the right configuration and a little bit of branding, you'll be up and running in a matter of weeks.


We have often seen organisations migrating from a storage mess into a bad architected great solution that gradually turned into chaos. Don't do that. Work with us towards planning a scallable architecture that suits your business

Unlike others, we think of data as currency. For a business, currency is the most valuable asset, and if managed improperly it can lose value or get stolen. There are 4 important rules we always follow when planning data: it must relate, it must be available in a compliant controlled way, it must be stored in a secure environment that does not restrict sharing, the customer must own its data and have full control over it. By applying the Office 365 Common Data Model (CDM), we use the Common Data Service (CDS) to store and model the valuable data used across your business applications. While we recommend this highly scalable data model, we understand that sometimes businesses prefer more traditional storage services like SQL. No worries, we know Azure, we have built on Azure, so we can do that too.


Office 365 is best known for its security and industry compliance features. Setting these up can be cumbersone and discouraging at first. We have done it many times and learned a great deal about it.

Office 365 comes with loads of tools that allow your infrastructure to stay secure and industry specific compliant, while minimising the impact on usability. How often we have dealt with organisations where their environments did not allow sharing, or their users had to cut corners because their infrastructure was overly restrictive. When properly configured, Office 365 offers non-invasive security while users can enjoy the full capability of the system. Data leaks often happen when data is controlled through restrictions rather than policies. Tell somebody not to do something and they will find a way to do it through other means. Put a policy in place to react when something is about to happen ensures that the "something" will not happen.

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