Power Platform Infrastructure

While we have a team of very tallented and multiskilled individuals, our focus stays within
the Office 365 domain, using the Power Platform to extend and develop the ecosystem.

We need to connect the dots​

Your most typical scenario around Office 365 organisations is this. Company buy the licenses they need, they then configure and roll out email, OneDrive for storage, Teams to communicate, some intranet on SharePoint, and that’s about it. After a while you realise that the things you started with and got used to are getting disabled, some of the sharing capabilities go away, and you find yourself in a position where the “collaboration” you were promised is not so “collaborative” at all. This is the result of lack of understanding and poor configuration. There is rarely any setup around the Power Platform to enable the “curios” to explore and create, or the more tech savvy to create in a safe controlled way. After a while Teams becomes blunt and as useful as Skype because we are not integrating anything using connectors or embedded apps. And the whole enthusiasm and platform adoption goes away in year 1. The power in Office 365 stands in the ability to use the Power Platform to develop, extend, and integrate with the out of the box applications. Without that, it is just another cloud solution to send email, store files and data, and talk to John.​

Empower the citizen​​​

Citizen developer is a term invented with the Power Platform. The whole idea behind the creation of the Power Platform is to allow your average Joe to create its own basic business software. But in the same time, allow your seasoned developer to use the same tools to create the complex infrastructure that power your friendly interconnected business software. In time, with enough practice and curiosity, your average Joe turns into your seasoned developer and starts creating even more meaningful technology for your business. This means that in time, you can reduce the interaction with the expensive seasoned developer because you would have created loads of those internally. We are currently working around many organisations to do just that. Create while educating the curious and push them towards becoming Citizen Developers. Don’t let all that good stuff that is included in your licenses already go to waste or just sit there not being used. We can come in, setup and configure, build a bit and educate a lot. We can set the foundations that lay down the path for your business to get the most ROI from switching to Office 365.​

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