Portals & Collaboration

While we have a team of very tallented and multiskilled individuals, our focus stays within
the Office 365 domain, using the Power Platform to extend and develop the ecosystem.

The customer journey​​​​

Often we see customer facing software being advertised as coming with a back end CRM. What a great idea, having a CRM behind your website! But how about connecting that with HR, and Marketing, and all the custom business applications you use, and even with your internal communication software. While others will say “dream on”, this is something already part of the Office 365 ecosystem. Power Apps Portals are the secure way to engage with your customers. Whether you want to sell, engage, advertise, or share information with your customer accounts, Power Apps Portals offer that robust infrastructure that can be rapidly developed at a low cost comparing to creating from scratch solutions. And because any incoming or outgoing flow of information happens through Office 365, that information is then available to your entire internal infrastructure. This will exponentially reduce the business to customer response time and increase your business capacity to provide better and meaningful customer service.​

The power of collaboration​​

Disconnected business software is one of the most often scenario we deal with. We know Office 365 has the best integration and development capabilities on the market. Some food for thoughts here, lets play out a scenario through Office 365: An existing account customer wants to make a large purchase from your business. They login with their account on your Power Apps Portal to look for the product. There is only half the quantity on stock, so the customer engages with your Power Virtual Agent to see when a full order can be fulfilled. Through the interaction the customer is notified that the other half of the stock will be ordered and a full quantity can be delivered on Monday. The customer makes the purchase. On purchase, a Power Automate flow is triggered to immediately place the emergency order for the other half of the product. Then a Child Flow is triggered to place another order to replenish the stock as per the SLA and inform the warehouse manager of a large incoming transport. If the same event occurs 3 times in a month on the same product, then Power Automate starts an approval flow to increase the stock.​

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