Data & Analytics

While we have a team of very tallented and multiskilled individuals, our focus stays within
the Office 365 domain, using the Power Platform to extend and develop the ecosystem.

We piece your data together​​​

Unless you’re a highly data driven organisation with a healthy analytics department, you’re most likely in a scenario where your data sits in various locations that include multiple vendors, Excel spreadsheets, and various databases. Providing meaningful reports that stick is merely a nightmare in this scenario. You want to have all that data flowing into a single location for easier access and reporting, but you don’t want to trigger a massive data migration project and change of vendors as it will cost you a fortune and it will take forever. We know, because we deal with this issue all the time. So we use Power Query and Dataflows to connect to all the odd data sources out there, and pool that information into Office 365 on a regular schedule. Data then becomes available to the entire Power Platform where you can enhance it and report on it as needed. And don’t worry, as long as your source has a login or an API, we can tap into it and bring it in.​​

Analytics for all​

Flow of inaccurate information is often the root cause of business decline. In medium to large organisations data accuracy is not something that can be solved by having an army of people going though it. It is just too much data coming in to accurately be handled by the distracted human mind. So we leverage the full power of Power Automate to create automated and event triggered validation processes who in their turn trigger approval processes and notifications. This ensures that the right people get informed as soon as the issue occurs and remediation actions happen in a timely manner before data reaches reporting. We often pair these with enhancements in your business applications to include stricter validation rules on data entry and ensure that reporting comes out accurate and business decisions provide a good value in return.​​

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