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Business Application

While we have a team of very tallented and multiskilled individuals, our focus stays within
the Office 365 domain, using the Power Platform to extend and develop the ecosystem.

Why Office 365?​

With many options around business software out there it is often challenging to choose what is best for your business. The vast majority of small to medium business models can easily operate using standard out of the box software that works on a minimalistic setup and configuration model. The Office 365 ecosystem caters to all business needs out there with dozens of pre-built out of the box apps that can be used for communication, invoicing and booking, document management, CRM, information and device security. But as your business evolves the increasing amount of data coming from various sources will often lead to low data quality and inaccurate analytics. Using the Power Platform, we can create custom applications to ingest and validate data, allow you to enhance the incoming flow of information, and provide more accurate reporting that drives your business decisions.​

How can we help?​

True skills to build and develop using the Power Platform is a very scarce asset these days. There are many professionals who have experience on a particular technology, but there are only a handful who have experience in creating full enterprise solutions using the Power Platform. We are a good bunch of people, certified by Microsoft with experience around big projects. We are not the pretty consultants dressed up in expensive suits who will sweet talk you around your budget. While we can communicate to businesses at all levels, each one of us has years of hands on development experience on some of the most complex projects out there. We will advise you using our own experience rather than something we just learned from a book. We don’t just build software, we help your business simplify processes through software, so you can focus around doing business and not worry about reports being due, or manually validating incoming information.​

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